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NEVER have food (or anything with a scent) or toiletries in your tent, sleeping bag or car.

Keep sleeping bags, tents and sleeping areas free of food and beverage odors.

Do not sleep In clothes that smell like food, or that were worn while cooking.

Store food in bear proof canisters or bear proof lockers if provided. The trunk of your car and coolers are not bear-proof!

Do not leave out food, stored drinks, or diapers. The smell will attract bears.

Clean everything after preparing a meal.

Dispose of garbage properly. If a bear-proof dumpster is not available, store your garbage In bear-proof lockers often provided at campgrounds until it can be disposed of properly.

When departing an area, empty all goods and refuse from any containers or food storage lockers left behind.

People have a responsibility to the wildlife whose habitat they are sharing.


Carl Lackey - NDOW

Carl Lackey - NDOW