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In your yard: Do not run. Be aggressive and assert your dominance by standing tall and making noise that will scare the bear away. Banging pots and pans together and shouting loudly works well. See Bear-proof Your Property for tips on how to avoid future encounters around your home.

In the woods: This is the bear�s territory, respect that and do not run. Make eye contact but don�t stare, pick up small children make yourself appear as large as possible, stay calm and quiet, back away and enjoy the experience from a safe distance.

Anywhere: If the bear attempts to get away, DO NOT block the bear�s escape route. Bears will often climb a tree if frightened and usually won't come down if humans or dogs are present.

Never get between a mom and her cubs.

Slowly walk away and make a loud noise.

Though attacks are very rare, if you are attacked, FIGHT BACK AGGRESSIVELY!


Carl Lackey - NDOW

Mike Smith