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The council has crafted a “three strikes and you pay” model ordinance that will be presented to communities with bear populations for possible adoption. The ordinance would be imposed on those who fall to “bear proof” garbage containers or who put garbage where bears can get to it. It is important to note that a garbage can enclosure (GCE) costs about $700 and holds two garbage cans. Fine money collected from violations would be used for community education and to assist low-income families become bear-proof.

Model Bear-Feeding Ordinance:

First offense: Offender is provided information about how to correct the problem and given a warning that if cited again, the violator will be required to pay for and install a GCE.

 Second offense: Violator pays for Installation of an approved GCE and then must use it appropriately.

 Third offense: Violator pays a fine equal to the cost of a GCE and then pays to install a GCE.

Download the Ordinance in Microsoft Word (.doc) format

Carl Lackey - NDOW

Carl Lackey - NDOW