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Bears that visit human occupied areas are usually In search of food. You will be less likely to have encounters with bears if the recommended precautions are taken, so that bears do not associate humans with a source for food. Once they do, they become habituated to humans. Relocating big habituated bears relocates the problem, It does not solve It. It is Illegal In California and strongly discouraged in Nevada to feed bears, and many communities have ordinances penalizing those who feed wild animals.

A Fed Bear is a Dead Bear

Once habituated to human sources of food, bears will seek them out, creating conflicts with humans. The bearís behavior will not stop voluntarily, and unless the nuisance behavior can be corrected, bears may be killed for various reasons including property damage or due to collisions with vehicles. In order to avoid these deaths, the food source must be removed.



Carl Lackey - NDOW

Carl Lackey - NDOW





          Carl Lackey - NDOW